MSR Hubba


Capacity 1
Minimum Weight 2 lbs 13 oz / 1290 g
Packaged Weight 3 lbs 4 oz / 1474 g
Fly with Footprint Weight 2 lbs 2 oz / 979 g
Body weight 1 lb / 448 g
Fly weight 1 lb / 448 g
Frame weight 12 oz / 341 g
Floor Area 17 sq. ft / 1.6 sq. m
Vestibule Area 9.5 sq. ft / 0.9 sq. m
Tent Volume 22 cu. ft / 623 liters
Vestibule Volume 9 cu. ft / 254 liters
Interior Peak Height 40 in / 100 cm
Packed Size 20 x 6 in / 51 x 15 cm
Number of Doors 1

Retail Price:  $249.95

The MSR Hubba is a solo backpacking tent.  It has a single pole and is freestanding.  The inner tent is comprised mostly of mesh except for the floor which is coated ripstop nylon in bucket style.  The rain fly is tight fitting and is also made of coated ripstop nylon.  For the ultra light backpacker, the inner tent can be left at home while using only the rainfly and pole.
Setting up the MSR Hubba is about as easy as it gets.  The pole is connected as one piece , though it has four feet which connect to each corner of the inner tent by nylon tabs.  There are clips along the center of the inner tent that hook onto the pole.  The top of the tent has two tabs on either side that connect to a cross pole, also connected to the single pole design.  This gives the upper portion of the tent a wide berth, allowing for maximum use of space.  The fly fits snug over the top of the pole, and also connects to the four feet.  The stakes are extremely lightweight, yet seem to be very sturdy.  Guy lines can be brought out to create the vestibule area, which is large enough to keep your backpack in.
A few things that first caught me eye with this system.  The extra space it lends to the upper portion of the tent is nice.  I have tried other tents of the light weight variety and have found many of them taper up and “pinch” the head and shoulders.  Not so with the Hubba, as it uses a cross pole to extend the upper walls out to the same width as the base.  This is helpful for sitting up and changing clothes and other all around movement.  The entire body of the inner tent is made out of mesh.  I like this because it gives you that “sleeping under the stars” feeling, yet protects you from any unwanted fly’s or mosquito’s.  The mesh is very see through, and is nice for both falling asleep stargazing and waking to a beautiful sunrise.  Finally, this thing is small.  I discarded the original stuff sack and bought a 5 litre compression sack.  Not only does it fit in and compress to a very small size, but I was able to get my Hubba Hubba (2 man version, larger design) into the same sack.
The first time I take this tent out and set it up, its fast and easy.  Very intuitive.  At first glance I am a little concerned about the durability of the mesh, though there is a mesh repair kit included.  The door is side entry and very large.  It is also mesh, and the zipper uses strings instead of metal tabs.  They advertise this as a quiet zipper, keeping things from jingling and jangling on windy nights.  The door roll’s up easily and has a small loop to hold it back.  I have used this side entry to sit inside my tent while cooking just outside the door and performing other small tasks, and it is very easy and comfortable.
I have not used the rain fly or light option yet, but as I do, so will I review.
So far, this tent has treated me awesomely, and I highly recommend this to anyone that will be solo camping or backpacking, or even if you go with large groups but are not sharing a tent.
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