Anti TV tech

I have a pretty severe aversion to television. Not so much to the device as to it’s content. At my house the TV is used for viewing Netflix rentals or streaming, connected to a computer for Hulu/Youtube, or streaming video from my iMac. I haven’t seen broadcast, cable, or satellite TV for over ten years. I find it very upsetting and offensive even when it would be perceived by most as innocuous.

Many times I’ve been in a waiting room and there is a TV blasting local news or sitcoms. That’s pretty standard. I have seen in some large retail stores a TV blasting commercials at every single checkout line. Enough was enough for me so I sought out a defense.

The device above is called the TV B Gone. This device is simply a keychain fob shaped infrared transmitter containing all of the on/off codes for most of the televisions in the US. Pressing the button on the unit will begin transmitting all of the off codes one at a time for every TV stored in its memory. Within a minute the TV will usually turn off. The drawback for this device is range. It’s pretty short especially with frequent use. The included batteries are the button cell type and wear out relatively quickly. There are some mods outlined on the net to allow larger batteries and increased range .

This device will not work with TVs that have no IR port like security monitors or a TV that has the IR port turned off. For me, something is better than nothing in the battle against unwanted TV drivel subjection and I have this on me at all times.

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