I always keep a small pocket flashlight with me. Working under my car a few months back I needed some focused light and use of both hands. Holding the light in my mouth and still struggling to see I vowed to solve this problem once and for all. I am a headlamp convert. So ridiculously useful and efficient.

The lamp I chose is the Petzl Tikka Plus2. This unit is very light weight and comfortable. Three AAA batteries power this unit. I wanted a compromise between extreme brightness and battery longevity and I feel this lamp accomplishes that. The water resistant button is great and the adjustable housing works well in pointing light were you need it. Two brightness modes, an external low battery indicator, and red night vision light fill out the features.

The amount of light produced by this model on fresh batteries is very good. For close range purposes I have no complaints at all. This is the first headlamp I have ever used and the Petzl company offers many different varieties. When looking at lights of this type the ability to adjust brightness, the overall build quality, and comfort are the features I would consider most important. In that regard this lamp does it’s job well.

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