Day bag

Wrapping up what has amounted to my top five EDC (Every Day Carry) essentials is the day bag I use to carry my stuff. I found a small Tumi cross-body style bag on sale about two and half years ago. I was initially drawn to the tracer number plate inside and the high quality construction and materials.

The tracer program is a system that gives each bag a unique ID number. A person who has found your lost bag would follow the instructions on the tracer plate to reunite you with it. The plate includes instructions, ID number, and the toll-free phone number. If you have registered the bag (a free and worthwhile procedure), Tumi will have the bag sent to the address associated with your ID number in their database.

I used my first bag everyday for two years and I’m fully satisfied with its performance. It’s still in excellent shape, no fraying or loose threads anywhere. I’m not exactly gentle with it either. I picked up the Beale Mini Messenger last week because my older one was often too small for my needs. The Beale is part of the Alpha Bravo collection. All of the cross-body bags in this collection have the same features in different configurations. High quality ballistic nylon outer, great zippers, thoughtful design, and top-notch hardware. Plentiful with pockets, compartments, and isolated storage areas. In fact, every single compartment has either a sub-compartment, organizer, or both. Amazing craftsmanship.

I would recommend these bags to anyone. I would also recommend trying them on before purchasing. I initially went with the Alpha Bravo Annapolis. I found that having both ends of the carry straps terminate on the flat rear made it wear awkwardly and feel uncomfortable. It’s also quite difficult to gauge the different sizes from pictures and measurements. I tested the Beale Mini Messenger at the store and after using it all week I’m thoroughly stoked.

The prices are certainly in the high end but you get what you pay for here. I could see this bag taking my abuse daily for many years while never looking worse for the wear. Tracer is a nice added security feature and I can attest to the durability and high quality of these bags. The overall look is somewhat urban and understated. I went with the more subdued black. Some in the Alpha Bravo series can be had in a military green color if that’s your preference.

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