The king of portable headphones

I am the biggest fan of the now discontinued Sennheiser PX-100. They have everything I look for in a travel/daily headphone. Light weight, open back design, small footprint, durability, excellent ergonomics, and great sound quality. The PX-100 has been replaced by the PX-100 II. A huge disappointment and step backwards in sound quality and packaging.

The headphones shown here are essentially the PX-100 with an iPhone compatible external mic and answer button on a removable cable. The moniker for these is MM-60. Identical drivers, design, and the same excellent hard plastic carrying case as the PX-100. The iPhone related hardware raises the price compared with the originals. The venerable PX-100 just couldn’t be beat in it’s price range for sound quality and build quality. The MM-60 relinquishes that clear cut win in it’s category because of the bloated iPhone accessory and higher price. I disapprove of progress for the sake of progress and abide by the old adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. I recommend these because it’s now the only way to get a new pair of PX-100. If you have an iPhone it may be a no-brainer. I do have an iPhone and always re-cabled my PX-100s with the mic cable from iPhone earbuds anyway. Still a solid choice and a solid performer with an admittedly diluted value.

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