Long lasting durable watches

Casio GW-2500GD and GW 400J (the all digital one)

I really like the G Shock series of Casio watches. The main feature being shock resistance. Over the years Casio has introduced more specialized features such as magnetic resistance and watches with altimeters and thermometers etc. All G Shocks have shock resist and most have respectable water proofing. My favorite feature is the solar power and atomic time keeping. I have used Casio solar watches exclusively for eight plus years. I have had three, the above two are what I have now.

When not being worn I place the watch on an area of my desk that receives a lot of sunlight. You can fold the band in such a way that it is propped up and you can then adjust the angle. This keeps the watch charged and cycles the internal rechargeable battery. I have always done this and never had to replace a battery.

Atomic time keeping is great. Essentially the watch has a miniature radio receiver built in. Between midnight and five A.M. the watch initializes the receiver to grab the broadcasted time and then sets itself. Night is the best time because of the lower volume of radio signals. In the US we receive a signal from the cesium powered atomic clock in Colorado. Both of my watches are always perfectly in sync to the second. One of my daily rituals is to check when and if the one I’m wearing has synced. It’s almost aways 1:04 A.M. that morning.

These watches are very durable and essentially never need the time or date set. Batteries will wear out but it takes quite a long time. Five or more years on my second (sold my first one) and no issues with power yet.

Many of these G Shocks are somewhat unattractive. I am most definitely a function over form guy so that isn’t a priority for me. I do feel that the two I use strike a good mix. Casio updates the designs very frequently. There are also some made for the Japanese and European markets you can find online. Those sometimes have a better appearance and work fine in the US.

I like to buy things that are designed for the long haul and can take some abuse or extreme conditions. These are designed from the ground up to do just that and fit the bill nicely.

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