Bright pocket light

I always carry a small light in my pocket. The one I have been using is an Inova X1 AA. The light is somewhat weak but I wanted something small and AA powered. It has been reliable but not really bright. These days there is a plethora of pocket lights to choose from. Most of the brightest lights require lithium type batteries but perform very well. I wanted something AA powered because of the low price and commonality of this battery. The light I chose is the QMini AA2 by 4Sevens. My previous light cannot hold a candle (pun) to this light, period. These lights are not in the same category. They are both LED with similar styles but the 4Sevens uses two AA instead of one for the Inova.The size difference here was marginal even with the 4Sevens extra battery cell. The compact design allows you to get more voltage without sacrificing carry size or weight. In fact, the 4Sevens is noticeably lighter than the Inova and claims to be the lightest light of this type on the market.

The 4Sevens offers many features that are quite useful. It is well built, lightweight, water proof, and very bright. I am not familiar with all of the lights available but the brightness from this light on high mode is amazing. It has a clever selector and several modes. You rotate the lens-end on and within one second if you cycle to off then on again you get a different mode: low-medium-high. You can cycle through the regular modes under three seconds to access the special modes: strobe, SOS, beacon low, and beacon high.

4Sevens employs a somewhat modular system which is something I’m always in favor of. The head, butt, and body can be changed for different LEDs or more/less capacity or battery types. This particular light is very small, impressively lightweight, and the performance is great. I am very satisfied with it so far. The only downside is the probable short battery light. However, the amount of light produced on bright mode is so impressive I feel like it’s an acceptable compromise.

I took these photos in the morning when it was very overcast. The only way to show the light emitted from the Inova was from inches away on a chair. I was able to capture the light produced from the 4Sevens on high mode from a few feet. The differences here are drastic and even more so at night or in a dark room. The 4Sevens also has a lot of reach for seeing things far off. I was able to clearly see all the details of a building 100 feet away at night.

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