REI is great

I would like to highlight the fantastic service and support of REI. I’m blown away at the helpful service I have received, and the competence and efficiency of the people who work there. I have never seen such good service in action.

I saw a special edition REI Benchmade knife online that was just what I was looking for. It hasn’t been available for many months. I thought I’d go to my local store to see if maybe they had some left over. They did not, but the salesman took the time to search inventory across the US and found three. The first store did not have it and the other two did not open for two more hours as they were on the left coast, I’m in Texas. He took my name and said he would call and let me know. He did in fact call me promptly to say he found one and it was being held for me. I placed an order over the phone.

Today I was wondering if I could get a tracking number and called the corporate REI number. Anita took my member number and my vague recollection of “I placed a phone order to an REI in New Mexico maybe, is there a tracking number?”. I received a voicemail from Rita 15 minutes later with the tracking number. It was actually Arizona and I am still impressed. Not only did a customer with absolutely asinine requests receive great service it was astoundingly prompt.

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